Beetle Days

Gabriel Böhmer
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A modern fable about bewildered humans, loyal animals, and greedy beetles – whose sudden madness starts to make life complicated.

John just wants to work hard at the restaurant – with its little farm, talking and mute sheep, and friendly cats. But, after beetles become convinced that they’re justified in stealing things, havoc ensues. They insist on free air travel, skipping queues, and subjecting everyone to their enthusiastic, but ridiculously inane, chatter. 

Eventually the ‘Great Beetle War’ breaks out, which experts deem as not particularly great. But as the conflict’s byproducts begin to spoil the place he calls home, John has to decide how he can help those around him and, ultimately, himself.

Language: English
ISBN-10: 0989659704
ISBN-13: 978-09896597-0-3

  • Size
    4.04 MB
  • Length
    182 pages
  • Size4.04 MB
  • Length182 pages
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Beetle Days

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